Tuesday, November 25, 2008

shoot'em up honey.....

sunday morning i woke up with a text message from my friend aghabi asking if i wanted to go to knotts berry farm or to the shooting range. i had some thinking to do------> not really.....shooting range hands down! lol so i got up and dressed and i headed off! we went to burro canyon shooting park in azusa, ca and had so much fun! we went with her friend alan and his friend jason who had high power stuff....stuff i aint never heard of before. they brought along a 380 (for us) ha!, a 44 magnum, a shotgun, and they had different types of rifles but the one i remember most was the ar-15. we didnt get the chance to shoot the rifles but everything else was great by itself. i went to a gun show in glendale the weekend before and saw some pretty cool stuff but none like what i saw that they had. the ride to burro canyon was so cool. we got a chance to see the morris dam and by me living pretty close to azusa i never even knew about the beautiful scenery behind the actual city area. it was so nice! so if anyone is interested in going up to the park here is the link to the website http://www.burrocanyon.com/ and enjoy yourselves. oh yeah and dont forget to bring your own rifles, pistols and ammo!

new hair-do!

hey yall,
well my weekend was so fun i didnt really get much sleep! wednesday, i got my hair done and wanted to try something new and different so i did. i was checking out the essence magazine, the one with jada pinkett-smith on the cover (nov. or dec. 2008) the holiday looks and styles. i came across a picture of a lady with a curly mohawk/pin-up style and i loved it! so i tried it out and it came out pretty good. my stylist put a little different twist to it but it was nice. i wore it for a couple of days and took it down and i must say my hair was fly! lol here are some pictures of my new hair-do! hope you enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

my super late halloween post

hey everyone,

its been awhile since halloween but i couldnt find my sd adapter so i could upload my little halloween picks. halloween is my favorite halloween regardless to what some people may say, think or believe. its the only day that you can enjoy being whatever you want to be and to top it off you get candy!!! how lovely is that! lol so since halloween is a fave i like to go all out and dress up but this year i didnt get a chance to really do it big like i would have loved to. so this year i was going to hang out with my friends go to the haunted house, do some trick or treating and enjoy the day/nite. so all of a sudden my phone rang and someone said they had a job for me to do bartending @ a nightclub. so i got dressed, went and got my barback and headed to the club. finally arrived and then they told me they didnt need me anymore to bartend. so they paid me and i left kinda mad because i could have been doing my own halloween thing. so i went to a party that was wack.....i mean horrible! so i wore a camoflage hat and a black sun reflector under my eye and wore all black.... what the hell was i you ask.... i dont know...but i was cute lol!! so here are the little pictures i took so i hope you enjoy! bye ya much....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mr. President

well i could not be happier! we have a fresh new start with a fresh new president and he is black! this election was one of the most followed elections in history and it became historic for us all. if you ask most people they wouldn't have thought they would be around to see this tremendous moment in our lives, in our futures and in our history. i am truly blessed to have witnessed this moment myself and i know now that you really could be anything you want to be. america needs to have an open mind and we all need to help this man out if we want change to come. the feeling is amazing for me to know that barack obama has become our president of the united states of america! i hope to go to the inauguration in january 09 and have a blast. for the people reading if you didnt help elect obama as president, you will at least give him a chance.