Tuesday, December 30, 2008

smoky lash

hey everyone,

i have been meaning to post about a mascara that i rcv'd from my cyberspace buddy felicia from http://thisthatbeauty.blogspot.com/. its called smoky lash and its by make up for ever. the mascara is pretty nice! it gives you a curl while lengthening and it adds volume your lashes. i have taken pictures twice with this mascara on, once with my cellphone camera which kinda sucked and the other with my digital camera which came out just ok. so here are the shots i took and please check out felicia's blog....she does amazing give-a-ways. happy new year people!

Monday, December 22, 2008

next photoshoot

well everyone i did another photoshoot last week and it turned out great. i met deborah lake which is a wonderful make-up artist! she has been in the game for about 20 years now doing her thing. you can look her up on model mayhem or on myspace. so i hope to get some more pictures from this shoot but here is one with models nichole, valerie and jianni(i think i spelled her name right). these ladies were amazing to work with! i did valerie's(center) face for this photo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hey everybody,

last week i did my very 1st photoshoot! i was so excited but i didnt want to get my hopes up too high yet because i wanted to make sure i had all my pictures and everything. so the photographer michael j. emailed me this morning with the pictures and i must admit they turned out very nice. check them out and please comment so i can have some kind of commentary.

Friday, December 12, 2008

the whoa in music.....

hey all,

wednesday evening my mother and i went to see ledisi (lad-e-see) in concert and gotdamn she was amazing!!! this girl has a beautiful voice and its such a lovely thing to hear her cd and then to hear her live....cuz she is off the hook. she has been around since 2000 and she struggled to make it where she is today. the concert was held here in l.a. at the historical el rey theater. the venue was so pretty and elegant. i like to hear artist speak truthful words in there messages whether it be thru song or just plain ole talk! she spoke to the whole audience as if she was speaking to a brunch of friends. she spoke on life in general and how people cant go around blaming others for how unhappy people are and things of the kind. the concert was very intimiate and just plain ole fun! she has a christmas cd out titled it's christmas, which she sang some of her songs and if you like christmas like i do than you will be happy to know that the cd is very nice. she does some interesting things with her voice that only a couple other singers and artists have done. i was very impressed! so if you get the chance to hear her out, she sings a song called "in the morning" and "it's alright". her album is titled lost and found and i promise you, you wont be dissappointed.