Sunday, November 8, 2009

the station fire knocking @ my front door

well back in late august there was a huge fire called the station terrifying the residents of the san gabriel valley and of course im one of them. ya know staring @ this fire was quite amazing. i have never been so close to one before and it was scary, amazing, very color filled and hot at the same time lol. we had a seventies parties while the fire was going on and it was pretty fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

my photo shoot with frenchi

over the 4th of july hoilday weekend i did a photoshoot w/ a great model who look was so versatile it was crazy. you tell me does she look 16? model mayhem works wonders. thx frenchi and jun for making this shoot so cool.

my work for FIDM

well i have multiple pictures of my work for FIDM that is on under the back to cool and homecoming looks. my models were chelsea, matt, nancy and shandra.


well folks im back and i have so much to post. starting from my last post, i had a photoshoot w/ a young lady called "frenchi" over the 4th of july weekend and it was so fun. my summer has been filled with some great opportunities. i have done more work with FIDM, i did a music video for a guy named el rey ft. radio aktive skinny jeans which was really fun and i did my very 1st fashion show for LUCKY BRAND JEANS and can i say i love them!!! my summer has been pretty interesting. i thought i was a big girl starting to venture out and make my own and find love but it looks like that is not the case anymore. i am or i think i am still in an open relationship with a man who is in alabama. i have been to visit twice and this last time i think kinda sealed the deal on if we are gonna be together. he is a great guy that i love very much but im still up in the air with that. so ill be posting pics of my trip as well. also, in august there was a huge fire pretty much right above my house in the mountains called the station fire and w/ all of that going on you know we couldnt have stopped partying so we had a huge 70's themed party that was sooo fun. i have some footage of that was well. so with that being said let me start posting some of these pics!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Young World

man crazy stuff!! i havent posted anything for months and sundays but im back bitches!!! hahahaha (in my scary voice) but i have some much to share with you all. all my new projects and photoshoots that i have worked on and my trips to alabama. so as soon as i get some more time ill be posting pictures up and making my way back into the blogging world!!

love ya much,