Friday, June 26, 2009


yesterday is a day ill never forget. while sitting at the nail shop my phone vibrates with an message reading "MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD AT 50 DUE TO CARDIAC ARREST, R.I.P. MJ". I instantly checked the entertainment news from my cell phone and got nothing. i waited and checked again and still nothing. until the text messages started to overflow my phone with r.i.p michael jackson and my cell phone started to ring with calls saying, "girl have you heard?" and "girl did you hear?!". i was floored and in disbelief. told my nail tech nancy what i heard and she turned the television on immediately! we picked up kcal9 and there it was...Michael Jackson hospitalized due to cardiac arrest. it hadnt been confirmed whether or not it was true and i was really hoping it wasnt. moments later they put everyone's wondering to rest because it was true!! michael joseph jackson had passed away at 50 as a result of result of cardiac arrest! my mouth was wide open because i couldnt believe it! this musical icon, this legend that i grew up listening to, watching, imitating has died! its crazy! it still doesnt feel real! while driving home all you heard was micahel jackson songs and watching any music tv station had nothing on but michael jackson videos to consistently remind you if his passing. all i can say is the heart goes out to the jackson family! it feels as if a part of my childhood memories have been changed dramatically. you look at icons as if they are invicible and then the unexpected happens and there is the reality staring you in the face. R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON. YOU HAVE TOUCHED SOME MANY PEOPLE'S LIVES WITH YOUR LYRICS, MOVES AND JUST ALL AROUND PERSONALITY. YOUR MEMORY WILL LIVE ON FOREVER!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Me using the Ardyss Body Magic

This is me in my Ardyss Body Magic. The very 1st time I put it on I was sitting on a bench and when i looked down my shirt, I could see the bench and I was sold right then and there lol!! Check it out! I have products for pregnant and post pregnant women and men. Plus we have a nutritional line that is really good and skin care products. For you make-up heads like myself the manufacture of the skin care line is the same who produces Loreal! So you know the skin care line is pretty cool too. top photos are with the body magic on and bottoms are with it off.

Ardyss Body Shapers anyone????

Hey folks,

You are looking at a new distributor of Ardyss Intl. body shapers. The winning product is the Body Magic! The Body Magic can drop you down 2 to 3 sizes in just 10 minutes and it works (i have one). Also, there are nutritional and skin care products that are available. The best of all is that Ardyss has targeted men and women who need back/posture support, smooth abdomen area, slim down hips and thighs, lifts your butt and protects the spine from aches and muscular fatigue. Perfect for men who are on there feet all day lifting, reaching and bending heavy items or if they need and want the support. Perfect for women who are on their feet all day standing, bending, lifting. There are products for women in their first trimester of pregnancy and post to get your abdomen back tight and right. The reason why I started with Ardyss is because if all the benefits you get. You can make a decent amount of money just off of show because the product tells on itself. If you want me information about the Ardyss line of products, dont hesitate to contact me. You can reach me via email at Start changing your life today, whether its from the outside in or from the inside out. check out the website